Dreamlight Valley: My Thoughts

Dreamlight Valley: My Thoughts

I have been playing this game for HOURS daily since the game release, so I thought I would pop back on here and give a little insight into my thoughts.

Dreamlight Valley is a super cozy life/farming sim game. What is a cozy game you may ask?

Typically, a cozy game is one that is more laid back, has minimal, if any, combat, an endearing art style, and will wrap its action around a wholesome story.

Dreamlight Valley is quite similar to Animal Crossings: New Horizons and Stardew Valley – but even better. In pure Disney style, you will get completely wrapped up in everything about this game as a nostalgic experience envelopes you. You will experience farming, fishing, and mining. You are surrounded by Disney character “neighbours” and can unlock more as you progress through the story. If you love Disney and Animal Crossing, you are bound to love this game.

Although you are given a “choice” in your dialog, the option you choose has no bearing on how the story will play out. This is not a “choose your own adventure”. There are many quests, but they do not have a time limit, so don’t get overwhelmed if you have many questlines open at the same time.

I have been playing steadily on my laptop for almost a week and have experienced very few issues. Today I did experience some lag while farming, but perhaps that was something on my end.

Although it is going to be releasing as a free-to-play game, it is currently only available to play by purchasing “Founders Packs“. So the ultimate question… Is the game worth the price tag when it will be available eventually as a free-to-play game?

In my opinion, yes! I absolutely love everything about this game. However, it is a bit of a hefty price tag for a game that is stated to not be in its final form. If you are not fussed about any of the cosmetic items, waiting for the free-to-play version might be for you. I am waiting for the free version to add the game to my Nintendo Switch – I am hoping by then the lag issues will be sorted out for that console.