Renwick: Spider Mountain

Renwick: Spider Mountain

Spider Mountain was definitely a labour of love. What started out as an exploration of an abandoned mineshaft soon turned into one of the biggest projects on the server!

This area was built up by M1nniie_Mouse and JadedPixxie. They found an astounding amount of cave spider spawners (2 of which were converted into a spider farm) and 1 skeleton spawner. And thus Spider Mountain was born. The spawners also inspired the giant skeleton/spider statue on the top of the mountiain.

Spider Mountain quickly became known as the industrial area for the server and offered the members much more than just a couple spawners.

This area had so much to offer, including sleeping quarters with personal storage chests, a fully stocked kitchen and a cozy dining area. Of course, there was a work station to smelt all of your mining finds. And a nether portal for quick transport.

An enormous community storage area was built up – complete with enchanting room and members could purchase a cubby of chests to store their mining supplies.

A fully automatic sheep-shearing farm was also added to the area, complete with loom and banner supplies.

Feel like grinding some concrete powder? Don’t worry, there is a converter for that!

Lastly, the abandon mineshafts were converted into huge layers of strip mines.

This area certainly was a sight to see! It is one of the most missed locations from the Renwick World.

Happy mining, friends! ♥