We have tried to answer all of your questions here… if we have missed something, please contact the site admin.

Q – What version of Minecraft are you running on this server?  How do I know what version I have?
A – We are running the most current version of Minecraft – 1.20.4.  When you log into your Minecraft game, you can change the version.  If you are unsure feel free to contact us.

Q – Your pictures are lovely!  How come my game version does not look like that?
A – Jaded takes the majority of the screenshots used on this site.  She originally used a combination of A Taste of Jerm packs,  BlueNerd and John Smith Legacy

Q – You mention “griefing” a lot.  I have no clue what this means!
A – Welcome to gaming terminology 101.  Griefing is defined as the act of irritating and angering people through the use of destruction, construction, or social engineering. A griefer is a player who does things in the game to deliberately cause annoyance (“grief” in the sense of “giving someone grief”) for their own enjoyment. Examples include half-killing on purpose, constant suicides, and targeting specific players by destroying their builds. This is a bannable offense.

Q – What mods are on the server?
A – Xray mods are NOT permitted on this server.  XRay mods are mods that allow you to cheat and see where valuable blocks are. We strive to keep game-play as “vanilla” as possible but use datapacks that increase the quality of life on the server.  Many of the datapacks used on the server are from Vanilla Tweaks and Voodoo Beard.

Q – Are you on social media?
A – Not at this time… would you like us to be? 
​      You may catch many of the server members on Twitch and Twitter though.