Welcome to  Lionsden!

Welcome to Lionsden!

The new year has brought many updates to the server.  We have new members and a new world to explore!  If you are interested in using our seed in your personal games, the world seed is -648154640804575350.

The new community town is Lionsden.  There is a fascinating lore written in the books at spawn.  There is an area for a small home for you to build within the town (as well as some free blocks to help get you started). Lionsden has it’s own nether portal and community mine.

Don’t forget to stop by the Post Office and set up a box for yourself so that other members have a place to leave items or notes for you. Within each postal box is the town banner – display it pride, miners!

There is also a new shopping district in Lionsden.  Buy a shop from the Shopping District manager for 1 Diamond and sell your wares to other members.

Farming area above the docks
Villager Square
Lion Statue that protects the village

The server has also updated versions and is now running on 1.15.2.

Happy mining, friends! ♥