Dreamlight Valley: Flower Guide

Dreamlight Valley: Flower Guide

You will need flowers frequently in Dreamlight Valley, whether for questing purposes, gifting villagers or just relocating to spruce up an area. There are currently 40 different types of flowers available, spread throughout the various biomes. Flowers may take some time to spawn, so you may have to revisit an area if you are looking for a specific flower.

Flowers: Alphabetically

FlowerLocationSell Price (Star Coins)
Black Passion LilyFrosted Heights79
Blue Falling PenstemonPlaza23
Blue HydrangeaDazzle Beach28
Blue Marsh MilkweedGlade of Trust48
Blue Passion LilyFrosted Heights56
Blue Star LilyForest of Valor30
Green Passion LilyFrosted Heights28
Green Rising PenstemonPeaceful Meadow35
Orange & Red Marsh MilkweedGlade of Trust66
Orange HouseleekSunlit Plateau52
Orange Marsh MilkweedGlade of Trust33
Orange NasturtiumForgotten Lands60
Orange Star LilyForest of Valor43
Pink BromeliadSunlit Plateau27
Pink HouseleekSunlit Plateau35
Pink HydrangeaDazzle Beach22
Purple Bell FlowerForest of Valor30
Purple Falling PenstemonPlaza22
Purple HydrangeaDazzle Beach39
Purple ImpatiensForgotten Lands40
Purple Marsh MilkweedGlade of Trust25
Purple Rising PenstemonPeaceful Meadow25
Red Bell FlowerForest of Valor23
Red BromeliadSunlit Plateau27
Red DaisyPeaceful Meadow48
Red Falling PenstemonPlaza18
Red NasturtiumForgotten Lands40
Red Passion LilyFrosted Heights38
SunflowerDazzle Beach 28
White & Pink Falling PenstemonPlaza41
White & Red HydrangeaDazzle Beach54
White Bell FlowerForest of Valor60
White DaisyPeaceful Meadows25
White ImpatiensForgotten Lands30
White Marsh MilkweedGlade of Trust33
White Passion LilyFrosted Heights38
Yellow BromeliadSunlit Plateau73
Yellow DaisyPeaceful Meadow20
Yellow NasturtiumForgotten Lands85

Flowers: By Location

Plaza: Blue Falling Penstemon, Dandelion, Purple Falling Penstemon, Red Falling Penstemon, White & Pink Falling Penstemon

Peaceful Meadow: Green Rising Penstemon, Purple Rising Penstemon, Red Daisy, White Daisy, Yellow Daisy

Dazzle Beach: Blue Hydrangea, Pink Hydrangea, Purple Hydrangea, Sunflower, White & Red Hydrangea

Glade of Trust: Blue Marsh Milkweed, Orange & Red Marsh Milkweed, Orange Marsh Milkweed, Purple Marsh Milkweed, White Marsh Milkweed

Forest of Valor: Blue Star Lily, Orange Star Lily, Purple Bell Flower, Red Bell Flower, White Bell Flower

Frosted Heights: Black Passion Lily, Blue Passion Lily, Green Passion Lily, White Passion Lily

Sunlight Plateau: Orange Houseleek, Pink Bromeliad, Pink Houseleek, Red Bromeliad, Yellow Bromeliad

Forgotten Lands: Orange Nasturtium, Purple Impatiens, Red Nasturtium, White Impatiens, Yellow Nasturtium