Minecraft Dungeons is Now Available

Minecraft Dungeons is Now Available

Minecraft Dungeons launched today on consoles and PCs. Many of the members of the server are extremely excited to add this game to their collections.

To say this game is addicting, is an understatement! Many gamers online liked this game to Torchlight or Diablo as it is a “dungeon-crawler” game set in the world of Minecraft.

Although they share a similar graphic style, this game is separate from the world of Minecraft that you are familiar with. There are new mobs present and dozens of new weapons available. Gamers strive to collect the best weapon in this fast-paced game.

Suby04 has been streaming MInecraft dungeons for several days now and was nice enough to grab some screenshot of his game play for me to share here.

This is the player’s camp. From here you can trade emeralds with the Wandering Trader for artifacts and with the Blacksmith for new tools. From this location you can also select your new mission.

This is your inventory. From here you can upgrade and enchant your armor and weapons, as well as equip helpful artifacts.

This is gameplay screenshot. Get the best weapons to defeat the large number of mobs

Also available now, is the Guide to Minecraft Dungeons: a Handbook for Heros. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t considering purchasing this. I think it would just look cool on my bookshelf.

image © Minecraft.net

Happy dungeon hunting, friends! ♥