Dreamlight Valley has Arrived!

Dreamlight Valley has Arrived!

Disney has launched its own cozy life/farming sim game: Dreamlight Valley. This game has been on my wishlist since early this year when I first heard about it.

Dreamlight Valley is available on all platforms and is currently in an early release format, and only available if you purchase a “Founders Pack”. There are 3 editions available: Standard, Deluxe and Ultimate. Each pack comes with in-game bonuses and cosmetic items that are only available through these packs.

I really wanted to play the game on my Switch, but the reviews weren’t great for that console, experiencing issues with lag, so I opted for the PC version through Steam. After a huge inner debate, I decided on the Deluxe Edition and I do not regret it in the least.

Standard Edition

This pack retails for $33.99CAD on Steam and contains 8, 000 Moonstones (in-game currency), 2 wearable items and 9 decorative items as well as 3 motif designs.

This pack retails for $68.64CAD (On Steam)and includes: 14,500 Moonstones, ALL Standard Edition cosmetic items, an animal companion (Celestial Turtle), 7 wearable items, 10 decorative items, 3 motif designs and a bonus Deluxe jersey and a Mickey Mouse headband.

This pack retails for $86.78CAD (on Steam) and includes: 20,000 Moonstones, ALL Standard Edition items and ALL Deluxe Edition items, an animal companion (Regal Fox), 4 wearable items, 15 decorative items, 3 motif designs, and the Ultimate jersey and Mickey Mouse headband.