The Sims4: A week of Updates

The Sims4: A week of Updates

Some exciting things are happening in the Sims community this week!

The arrival to the new kit: Desert Luxe is set to arrive to players on Thursday. The Sims Community has a great list of the (leaked) objects that will be arriving with the kit for the cost of $7.99CAD.

However, that is not what the community is talking about today. In what is believed to be an effort to have more transparency with the gamers, a new Twitter account was created (in May 2022) and has officially posted their first tweets today.

The account indicates that it will be used as a guide to live service updates to keep players informed.

I think this account could be a really good thing – a lot of simmers are constantly wanting more transparency in updates and bug fixes, so hopefully this will appease said gamers.

Tomorrow, September 13 will be Patch Day to prepare for the release of the upcoming DLC Kit. It is recommended that simmers remove mods and custom content to prevent conflicts. I am not sure how other simmers accomplish this, because when I do it – and eventually return all content – my Sims are always bald and naked. I make a lot of sims – generally all with CC. This is quite literally a pain in the ass.