Mushroom Grove: Crafting Tweaks

Mushroom Grove: Crafting Tweaks

With an active server, it becomes increasingly difficult to find certain resources. We believe in adding “quality of life” enhancements. Remember, if you prefer a completely vanilla experience, you do not have to use these recipes.
Our crafting tweaks are sourced from Vanilla Tweaks.

Rotten Flesh to Leather

Smelt rotten flesh into leather.

Wool to String

Break blocks of wool down into string.

Craftable Black Dye

Use charcoal to make black dye.

Craftable Gravel

Use flint to make gravel.

Craftable Nametags

Use iron, paper and string to craft name tags.

Craftable Bundles

Use regular leather and string to craft bundles.

Craftable Blackstone

Craft Blackstone using basalt and coal/charcoal.

Blackstone Cobblestone

Use blackstone in recipes that normally require cobblestone.

Craftable Golden Apples

Craft your own golden apples.