Current Datapacks Review #2

Current Datapacks Review #2

Here is another quick run-down of the current data packs on the server.

Player Graves: Do you remember Player Graves from our 1.14 server?  It is finally back and working with 1.15.  As a reminder, this nifty little pack will create a grave upon death which will hold all of your inventory.  When you respawn, the co-ordinates of your grave will appear in chat.  No other player will be able to access your grave.  Once you have found your grave simply press SHIFT (or whatever your crouch key is) and spacebar (your jump key).

Anti-Enderman Grief: This pack prevents Enderman from picking up and removing blocks.

Co-ordinates HUD: This pack is useful for navigation without having to have all the clutter of the F3 key.  This is a togglable feature (it can be turned on or off by typing /trigger ch_toggle).

Set Home: This pack allows you to set up a trigger that will allow you to teleport back to your home.  Simply use /trigger sethome to create your home. To teleport, type /trigger home.

Happy mining, friends! ♥