Datapack Review #3

Datapack Review #3

More Mob Heads:  This data pack increases the chance of receiving a head when you kill a mob.

Player Head Drop:  This data pack will drop the players head upon death when killed by another player.  It will also display the name of the person who did the killing.  Because we have player graves enable, often the player head will go into the grave.  Please give your trophy head to your opponent after retrieving your inventory.

Deep Mobs:  Because we have player graves enabled, we have increased the amount of health of mobs that spawn below level 35.

Killer Bunnies: A hostile version of the bunny has a rare chance of spawning in the overworld.

Wither Bats:  Bats will bite you for one heart damage.  Once it has bitten a player, it will not bite again.