Dewbury Woods: Data Packs

Dewbury Woods: Data Packs

We consider JadedCraft to be an enhanced vanilla Minecraft experience. As most of these enhancements are toggleable if you prefer to have completely vanilla gameplay you do not have to use these packs.

We source our data packs mainly from two sites: Vanilla Tweaks and Voo Doo Beard. If there is an enhancement (data pack) you would like to see added to the site, let us know on our Discord and we will be sure to look into it. Below is a list of the current data packs added as of the 1.19.2 update.

Vanilla Tweaks

Survival Enahncements
AFK Display – if a player is AKF for 5 minutes, their name will turn grey on the online list.
Fast Leaf Decay – no more waiting around for leaves to decay after chopping the wood!
Multiplayer Sleep –  only one player on the server needs to sleep in order to prompt morning.
Graves – upon death, your items should be saved in a grave. Right click to retrieve your items and crouch to pick them up.
Durability Ping – get notified when you damage a tool at 10% or less. Fully customizable per player using /trigger duraPing
Coordinates HUD – this will add your co-ords and a world clock to the location above your XP bar. To activate this feature simply type /trigger ch_toggle
Nether Portal Coords – adds a trigger command that indicates where a portal should be placed in the other dimension. Helpful for syncing portals. Use /trigger nc_inOverworld or /trigger nc_inNether

Player Head Drops – A player will drop their head when killed by another player. No active player hunting please!!
More Mob Heads – Similar to Player Head Drops, mobs have a chance to drop their heads.
Double Shulker Shells – All shulkers will now drop 2 shells.

Spawn – Players now have the ability to transport to the Spawn location in Dewbury Woods. Type /trigger spawn to travel.
Home – Players have the ability to set one home location. To activate the feature, stand where you want your teleportation spot and type /trigger sethome. To use this feature after your home is set, type /trigger home. You can only set ONE home location.
Back – Teleport back to your last teleportation point or your death spot by using /trigger back.
TPA – A trigger command to request teleportation to another player. Use /trigger tpa set. And then press tab to select the online player you wish to teleport to.

Name Colour – Opt for your favourite colour for your name display in chat by using the command /trigger color

Voo doo Beard

Chicken Shedding – Chickens have a 10% chance of dropping a feather.
Crop Harvesting – Holding a Diamond or Netherite Hoe will auto-magically harvest and replant any fully grown crops you walk over. Harvests: Wheat, Potatoes, Carrots, Beetroot and Nether Wart.
Auto Planting – Saplings, including Azalea and Flowering Azalea, will auto-plant themselves if lying on Grass, Dirt, Coarse Dirt or Podzol after 30 seconds.
Trader Notify – When a Wandering Trader spawns, a chat message will say which player they are closest too.
Killer Bunny – A hostile rabbit variant, has a rare chance of naturally spawning in the overworld. Upon death, the Killer Rabbit will drop a “Lucky Rabbit’s Foot” that grants the player a random bonus to their luck.

Updated Dec. 24/22