Important News about Cliffs and Caves

Important News about Cliffs and Caves

It was announced today that players will have to wait even longer for the much anticipated 1.17 Cliffs and Caves update.

Announced April 14, 2021

Update 1.17 is the most ambitious and intricate update thus far. Many new features require extensive testing and the global pandemic has made some of that more difficult.

Minecraft devs state they want to “to deliver as much fun content as possible without compromising on quality”, but unfortunately the entire update will not be ready for release on their previously projected timeline.

The mildly disappointing announcement came today that the Cliffs and Caves update will be split into two releases – one set for this summer and the other for the “holiday” (which I would assume means Christmas). The first update will focus on new mobs and blocks (as well as copper and amethyst generation) and some features from the snapshots, while the second will feature world generation (caves, mountains, biomes, and world size). The archeology aspect of the update has been put on hold and will be released at a later date as it is a whole new technical aspect of the game.

There are three main reasons this decision regarding the update has been made:

  1. Technical complexity: This update would change fundamental aspects of the game – including world height and depth.
  2. Quality: Due to the intricacy of the update, devs want to make sure everything is at peak working order before releasing it in its entirety.
  3. Team health: The global pandemic has affected so many people’s mental states and jobs, Minecraft does not want to overwork any employee’s health in order to meet the previous timeline.

The full article regarding this decision can be read here.

So what does this mean for JadedCraft. It is no secret we were waiting to play a new world seed when the new update came out so that we could take advantage of the new biome/world generation. It seems there is really no point in holding off on choosing a new seed as that feature likely won’t be present closer 2022.

As admins, we are deciding whether to continue to use data packs for enhanced vanilla gameplay with the server or whether to do a modded world while waiting for the new 1.17 features. Let us know what you prefer on our discord channel.