A Little Bit of Winter

A Little Bit of Winter

JadedPixxie, Kauluna and DiamondKat (now known as SourCoward) have been working on building up a new winter town on the server. Rumour has it that Shadow and his girlfriend are also in the area!

The area has already been connected via our nether portal, simply take the tunnel heading towards Suby’s Homestead portal and keep travelling north, following the tunnel when it curves and go past Kauluna’s Winter Cabin portal.

Our Winter Town is intended to be a community-based project, and all members are welcome to build here. There is a community mine that has been started, but you are more than welcome to travel out and build your own homestead/mining area. Please do not take items from the chests unless they are yours (unless otherwise indicated). Xavakai will be doing a lot of mining in this location.

A small farming area is beginning to take shape with a pig pen and a small cattle barn. And Jaded is working on a community lumber yard.

The center of town boasts a large Tavern and Inn. Feel free to occupy a room here if you do not wish to build a cabin for yourself.

Happy Mining ♥