Vanilla Tweaks: Data Packs

Vanilla Tweaks: Data Packs

We consider JadedCraft to be an enchanced vanilla Minecraft experience. If you prefer to have completely vanilla gameplay you do not have to use these packs.

Below is a list of the current data packs added as of the 1.16.2 update.

  • Fast Leaf Decay — no more waiting around for leaves to decay after chopping the wood!
  • AFK Display — if a player is AKF for 5 minutes, their name will turn grey on the online list.
  • Multiplayer Sleep — only one player on the server needs to sleep in order to prompt morning.
  • Graves — upon death, your items should be saved in a grave. Right click to retrieve your items and crouch to pick them up.
  • Co-ordinates HUD — this will add your co-ords and a world clock to the location above your XP bar. To activate this feature simply type /trigger ch_toggle
  • Player Head Drops — A player will drop their head when killed by another player. No active player hunting please!!
  • Double Shulker Shells — All shulkers will now drop 2 shells.
  • More Mob Heads — Similar to Player Head Drops, mobs have a chance to drop their heads.
  • Spawn — Players now have the ability to transport to the Spawn location in Lionsden. Type /trigger spawn to travel.
  • Home — Players have the ability to set one home location. To activate the feature, stand where you want your teleportation spot and type /trigger sethome. To use this feature after your home is set, type /trigger home.

Crafting Tweaks

  • Rotten Flesh to Leather — Smelt rotten flesh into leather.
  • Charcoal to Black Dye — use charcoal to make black dye.

These and other Data Packs can be viewed at Vanilla Tweaks.