Datapacks Readded on Jadedcraft

Datapacks Readded on Jadedcraft

A refresher of the current datapacks on our server.  We have re-added many of the Vanilla Tweaks packs that were on our Renwick World.  These packs add slight additions or enhancements to the game while maintaining a vanilla style play.

AFK Display: when a player has remained inactive for 5 minutes or more, their name will be greyed out in the display.

Double Shulker Shells: All shulkers will now drop 2 shells.

More Mob Heads:  This pack increases the chance of receiving a mob head when you kill it.  I believe you must have a fortune or looting enchantment on your sword.

Multi-Player Sleep: Allows for one player to sleep and skip the night in a multi-player world.

Vanilla Tweaks Data Packs

Please note, not all the packs in this video have been added to the server.

Happy mining, friends! ♥