Below are some of our members’ favourite additions to Minecraft, as well as some of our favourite Minecrafters.

Custom Skins

JadedPixxie recommends Buns Creates for all your custom Minecraft Skin needs. If you are in the need of a custom toon/drawing of your skin, check out Iroxer.

Texture or Resource Packs (1.16+)

John Smith Legacy || A Little Taste of Jerm (plus all add-ons), Jerm’s vanilla Updates || John Smith Legacy || Flows HD || BlueNerd || fWhip (Patreon)|| ChromaHills (Patreon) || Faithful || Two Thousand Leaugues ||


Sildurs || BSL



Mods and Data Packs

Version 1.14+ :
Vanilla Tweaks
Harvestcraft, HarvestCraft 2 || JourneyMap || TreeChopper

Other Links

​On YouTube:
​BlueNerd || Mythical Sausage || SlicedLime || fWhip || Pxlriffs || Python – OLD NEW || Rendog || Xisumvoid