CAS Challenge: Growing the Family

CAS Challenge: Growing the Family

I have separated my challenge into several branches of the same family tree…

The Manleys:
The Manley family is known as the successful branch of the family tree. They prioritize goal setting and doing everything possible to achieve those goals.

Danika (the Black Sheep)Young Adult – Leader of the Pack
As the middle child of the Manley family, Danika has always felt a little invisible and in her teen years became quite a rebel.

Carolyn (the Golden Child)Teen – Goal Oriented
Carolyn is the apple of her parents’ eyes. She always thrives to do her best and wants to follow in her father’s footsteps and become a lawyer.

The O’Briens:
The O’Brien family owns several vacation lots and spends a lot of time in Granite Falls promoting green living and outdoor survival.

Cayla (the Fun Aunt)Young Adult – Outdoor Enthusiast
Camping has always been an important part of Cayla’s life and she now takes her nieces, nephews and cousins on exciting trips all over.

The Mahinas:
Akoni Mahina (Distant Cousin) – Young Adult – Child of the Ocean
Akoni has always lived in Sulani and he can’t imagine being anywhere else. He recently reconnected with Cayla O’Brien when her family bought property in Sulani.

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