Welcome to Dewbury Woods

Welcome to Dewbury Woods

Welcome to our new Spawn on JadedCraft! This time, you will find yourself spawning in a tiny village surrounded by sturdy walls and a mote that flows into a waterfall. You will spawn beside the Post Office. Be sure to go in and claim a mailbox by adding your name to the sign within the barrel.

To the right of the Post Office, you will find a small inn with 4 beds that may be used while visiting spawn. The Community Nether Portal is located directly beside the inn.

On the other side of the Post Office you will find several empty lots/rooms for shops. Feel free to decorate your shop as you see fit. A list of shops will be available on the Shopping District post as they are created.

Upon exiting the town (towards the waterfall) you will find a steep staircase that will lead you to the community mine.

JadedCraft is now running on version 1.19.2
Dewbury Woods’s seed is -1962604225673812469