Welcome to Mushroom Grove

Welcome to Mushroom Grove

Our new Spawn is a cute little island we’ve affectionally named Mushroom Grove. When you spawn, you will be in an open area in front of our post office/Inn. This is the only building that we have added to this world. We have marked out areas for members to build their own shops in, but there is also a large area that can be built on as well.

Behind the Post Office/Inn, the path winds toward the water’s edge. This is also the area marked out for the shopping district. Members can grab a plot and build their shops.

On another small bit of land, enclosed in an old oak and mystical mushroom is our spawn town nether portal. Eventually, this will be where our nether hub is built.

JadedCraft is now running on version 1.18.1
Mushroom Grove’s seed is -7497863297697545553.

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